Over 80 recipes for every occasion, from starters and nodles to main dishes.


Although using a wok is common in Asian cooking, you can prepare a whole range of dishes using one—from soups and starters to braised meats, steamed fish, and, of course, stir-fries. A wok is especially suited to small households allowing you to whip up a wide variety of meals from scratch quickly and without hassle. The 85 recipes outlined here are arranged into five sections: vegetables; fish and shellfish; poultry; meat; and grains, noodles, rice, and pasta. You’ll find classic Asian favorites such as Pad Thai with Shredded Omelette, as well as dishes like Spiced Chicken with Cider, Lemon Dhal, and Spicy Sweetcorn Patties. With easy to follow instructions and color photography throughout, that much neglected wok will soon see frequent service!

Wok by Wndy Sweetser (hard cover excellent condition)


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