This is the story of the Vietnam War, told in the words of the people who lived it - soldiers and civilians, officers and political leaders, reporters and diplomats. From the anticolonial uprisings in the 1940s to the crushing defeat of South Vietnam in 1975, Witness to War: Vietnam provides the complete story of America's most controversial war with perspective that goes beyond the battlefields - to offer new insight into events that shaped the course of American history. Witness to War: Vietnam includes a wide selection of personal accounts and records: from discussions of strategy to questions of morality; from public documents to the private opinions and recollections of government leaders; from front-page newspaper stories to front-line soldier accounts. Revealing the human side of the war through actual narratives, it is an indispensable guide to the history of the Vietnam era. Maurice Isserman is a professor of history at Hamilton College. 

Witness to War: Vietnam by Maurice Isserman (soft cover, good condition)