The story of Alex Behrendt's "Two Lakes" fishery and his approach to fishery management. Applicable to all kinds of waters but with special relevance to smaller stillwater trout fisheries. Chapters include: The site, water supply, security of tenure; Preparing the site, the monk; Building a lake fishery; The rules; River management - financial matters, altering a stream and making it fishable, weed, mud, stocking, hatcheries and stewponds, vermin; Management of a small trout lake fishery; Management of coarse fisheries - pike, trout, chub and eel, perch and zander, roach, rudd and crucian carp, tench, stocking, close season, size limits; The underwater food animals - plankton and midges, dry-flies and sedges, water hog louse and shrimp, snails, crayfish, minnow and stickleback; Publicity for fisheries.

The Management of Angling Waters by Alex Behrendt (hard cover, fair cond)


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