Bryn Mancini was born under a lucky star. He is one of the chosen few, a man who appears to have it all - a golden family, a glittering career and a life filled with love.


For Apollonia Durrance life has been hard. Born the youngest child of a loveless marriage, her years have been troubled by insecurity, shadows and darkness.


When a chance encounter on a windswept beach brings these two together, destiny sets in motion a powerful dark current. Apollonia recognises the soul of a man who has haunted her dreams, who represents all she has passionately craved in life. And she will stop at nothing to be near him.

From the bestselling author of An Imperfect Lady comes a haunting novel about what lies beneath the polished lives of the golden people and how dark secrets from the past can bring about an inescapable future.

Swan Music by Sarah Harrison (soft cover, great condition)