When Lee Hughes joined up as an innocent teenager, looking for a snappy uniform, a girlfriend and a sports car, he couldn't possibly know just how much trouble he was getting himself into. Regularly led astray - these tales of Hughes' folly and madness not only record his slow climb up professional ladders and his fast slide down social snakes, but they also reveal the funny side of his life in the army. Displaying a rare talent for making mischief, Lee worked his way through a nine-year ride in the artillery, attracting praise and punishment. Horrendous games in the officer's mess, tall hunting tales, outrageous practical jokes, strange field exercises and army equipment are all featured. Despite going AWOL, blowing up barrack rooms, crashing getaway vehicles, devising cryptic insults, failing basic co-ordination tests, flirting with arrest, court martial and expulsion, Hughes rose incredibly from the wreckage of his career to command the position of Army General Staff.

Shooting From the Lip : A Kiwi Soldier's Military Mischief. by Lee Hughes (soft)