Specialist tactics and techniques for all of the major British saltwater species. Chapters include:- Surfcasting for bass by Hugh Stoker; Spinning for bass by Hugh Stoker; Trolling for the Eddystone bass by Spencer Vibart BEM; Float fishing for bass by Hugh Stoker; Driftlining for bass by Hugh Stoker; Rock fishing for bass... Portland style by Jim Churchouse; Improve your casting by Nigel Forrest; Black bream by Hugh Stoker; Wreck fishing for conger by Reg Quest; Shore fishing for conger by Len Hobbs; Pollack and coalfish by Reg Quest; Inshore pollack by Hugh Stoker; Shore fishing for tope by Rodney White; Boat fishing for tope by Hugh Stoker; Harbour mullet by Bill Mander; Mullet from the open coast by Bill Mander; Mullet from tidal rivers by Gerry Green; Halibut by Ted Simons; Turbot and brill by Hugh Stoker; Plaice by Hugh Stoker; Flounders by Hugh Stoker; Dabs by Hugh Stoker; Skate by Des Brennan; Rays by Des Brennan; Sharks by Kevin Linnane; Mackerel and garfish by Hugh Stoker; Ballan wrasse by Ricky Pace; Cod by Peter Grundel; Boat fishing by Hugh Stoker.

Sea Angling with the Specimen Hunters by Hugh Stoker (soft, fair)


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