Can you recognize a werewolf at fifty paces and slay it before it munches your granny? What about if it turns out the werewolf is your granny? Professor Van Helsing has all the answers, and in this book he reveals the secrets you need to know to become a fearless werewolf slayer. The book takes the reader back in time to the spine-tingling origins of werewolves and introduces them to the vast array of hairy beasts that stalk the planet now, recognizable only by their stinking breath and aversion to silver. Full of tips on how to identify werewolves and hilarious Van Helsing success stories, this handbook is crammed with the knowledge required to build your reputation as a famous slayer, renowned for your bravery in the face of furry peril. Martin Howard's inimitable style brings the voice of Van Helsing to life with side-splitting remarks that will have children giggling through the pages.

Professor Van Helsing's Guides: How to Slay a Werewolf by Martin Howard (fair)