JJohn Ferris is a UN Military observer on the Israel-Lebanon border in 1977 when he meets an attractive Palestinian woman, Leila Ashrawi. UN Staff are not allowed relationships with the locals but John is drawn to her and can't stay away. Despite the confusion and violence that surrounds them they fall in love.

The broken bodies and buildings are easy to see, but this war has devastated families for generations. There is only one way out of the nightmare for Leila - making a life together on the other side of the world. So at the end of John's posting he makes plans to take her home to NZ. In a cruel twist the war gets in the way and everyone's lives are impacted.

On his last act of office John’s vehicle hits a landmine and he is severely wounded and hospitalised unable to walk. He cannot make the arranged meeting with Leila to fly out together. Instead he finds himself airlifted to an international hospital and embarks on the long road to learning to walk again. After a long recovery he tries to contact her but she is lost in the confusion of the war.
Well written, the story showcases the horrors of this long running confrontation.

Ladder to the Moon by P.J. Fry (soft cover, excellent condition)