A review from G D Richards


As soon as I heard that Andrew Kerr had written a book I knew it had to be a good read and so it was. I met Andrew and Arabella Churchill at Worthy Farm when work had first started on organising 'The Glastonbury Fair' and soon became beguiled by his enthusiasm for the project. He is the sort of person that most of us wish we were; a can do guy. Although at the time I had no idea about his life journey, after reading 'Intolerably Hip' I am in no way surprised. Please read it I'm sure you will not be disappointed, a real page turner which tends to leave you breathless as you travel the World with a remarkable man who has rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest men and women of our time. A truly excellent read.

Intolerably Hip by Andrew Kerr (soft cover, good condition)