Rare book, out of print.

The author, a British volunteer joining to fight Communism, got little chance to, spent his two years in Indochina, 1951-1953, mostly doing office work, once blown up by a mine on the weekly beer run. "I hadn't joined the Legion to spend my life behind a desk; I had fondly imagined that the Indochinese war was an all-out effort to protect an innocent people against the unwelcome attentions of the communists. I had even imagined that equity and justice were amongst the principal objectives. Not even in my wildest dreams had I realized that I was to become part of a mercenary army deliberately trained to devastate. The men of the foreign Legion were first-class soldiers, but they had nothing to do with a mission of pacification and political re-education." The same could be said of the U.S. Army later. He missed the chance "to die" invalided out before Dien Bien Phu. 

InOrder to Die by Henry Ainley Hard cover (fair condition)