Hilarious light hearted romp that will entertain women of all ages, offend some and have most laughing out loud.

What do you do when your husband leaves you for another woman - and 'she' turns out to be him? tara Whitehead finds out the hard way when her husband decides he'd rather be a woman. With no money, she's about to lose her gorgeous home, and her 'friends' no longer return her calls. Fate, in the unlikely form of her husband's reprobate uncle, intervenes. Determined to pursue gentle Miss Lillian, he leaves everything to tara's daughter, and moves into the local retirement village. With nowhere else to go, tara heads for a quiet life in Divine, as fast as her designer stilettos will take her. Instead there's the handsome dairy farmer she keeps clashing with, a scurrilous property developer, and a disgraceful incident at a PtA meeting. And mud. Lots of mud. With manure. When the mysterious Sian makes tara an unexpected offer, her life moves from slightly unhinged to hilariously bizarre - and the sleepy little town of Divine will never be the same .

Divine by Michelle Holman (soft cover, good condition)