Rare and collectable.

Country Bouquet is a charming and unique yearly companion with a chapter for every month. Originally published just after the Second World War, it is descriptive, autobiographical and philosophical all in one as the author deftly evokes the essence of what each month means to her. In January, she wonders whether spartan, make-do habits learned in the war years may give way to an orgy of spending, but is cheered by how the last few days of this harsh month bring blackbird music at dawn - "those first few notes like an orchestra tuning up before playing begins". She calls May "white lilac month: all the languorous warmth of summer breathes through those creamy cones..".; in July, she speculates on matters of bring up children and opportunities for women and how the war has changed things.

Country Bouquet by Phyllis Nicholson (Rare, Hard cover, fair condition)