Sarah Harper had loved Rome Matthews silently for years. She'd seen him marry her best friend, then lose his wife and sons in a tragic accident. Years later, when he turned to her for comfort and made her his wife, Sarah felt her world was at last complete.

Only one thing could have made her happier: to have Rome's baby. But that was denied to her, because Rome dared not risk losing another child. Then fate intervened to bring Sarah the child she desperately wanted, a child Rome couldn't face, though it might mean losing Sarah - the woman he loved.

White Lies

You don't argue with the FBI. so when they summoned Jay Granger to identify her gravely injured, heavily bandaged ex-husband, she agreed to keep a bedside vigil.

Strangely, even unconscious, Steve Crossfield wasn't at all like the husband she remembered. As he struggled toward awareness, he demonstrated a strength of character the old Steve had lacked. Ironically, Jay was more drawn to him than ever.

When Steve finally awoke, Jay had a unique chance to recapture - and even embellish - the past. But would the new Steve ever share her cherished memories? 

Calculated Risk by Linda Howard (soft cover, very good condition)


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