When the first manned mission to Mars mysteriously disappears and its crew explorer vehicle crashes onto the Brown's wheat farm in Louisburg, Kansas, what Ben discovers changes his final high school year and the future course of mankind. This is the story of Ben - a young man who has lived his life in the shadows of poverty on a struggling wheat farm and is still reeling from his father's tragic death. What he discovers leads him to question everything he believes in and challenges him to take a major leap of faith and voyage beyond the end of the universe to a world all but destroyed. A world where he is forced to confront the tyranny of their rulers and make a stand to free its enslaved people in a destiny with time, which he knows could very well mean laying down his life. It is ultimately a story of a son seeking redemption, love, and his place in the world in the face of extreme adversity.

Ben Brown's Adventure Beyond Universe Return of Nephilim Michael C Thorp(sc,vgc)